Pretend You’re Xyzzy – Being a part of this modern era, we have got so many exclusive and unique things which increase our enthusiasm. We have got several things around us which are successfully altered by technology and make our life more interesting than before. We can see the essence of technology and innovation in the form of new appliances, unique furniture, smartphones, mobile application, etc. In this context, when we talk of mobile applications, the most interesting thing we can have in it is game.

Whenever we feel bored, we have a tendency to start the game applications which are installed on our mobile phones. We have got plenty of gaming apps which can kill our boredom in a nanosecond. One cannot just shut the game without praising its developer because nowadays the games not only exceptional but beyond our imagination. Only after you come across such games, you get to know that something like that actually exists. One such wonderful game is named as Pretend You’re Xyzzy also known as Cards Against Humanity.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy – About this game

pretend you're xyzzy

This game is completely based on a unique concept which is the reason why it receives criticism from time to time. Pretend you’re Xyzzy is something that stands out from the chain of mind blowing games. This is basically a party game in which players fill up the blanks in the cards provided to them with an offensive or illegal statement. This game sounds a bit risky because it consists of satirical content which may not be politically acceptable.

Although it is a fun experience, one has to be careful while playing this game in public because not many people will like its features and concept. Some people actually get offended by its content and it ends up as a complete mess. Interested players can easily download this game and then print the selected cards as per their own wish. This game is also available as its content printed in the form of hard copy like playing cards.

The development of this game was inspired by the success of Apples to Apple card game which was released much earlier to this game. One can avail this game under the license of named Creative Commons. Its title is meant to indicate the idea of crimes against humanity which reflects that the content is politically incorrect. It has received several criticisms also because of which the game has always remained on a controversial shelf. We shall discuss all the details about it in the upcoming topic.

About the development of the game

Pretend you’re Xyzzy is a game which was developed by the alumni of Highland Park High School that includes Ben Hatoot and Max Temkin. This game was primarily developed by them with the motive to play it on the New Year’s Eve celebration. As already mentioned before, this game is highly influenced by Apples to Apples and it involved a group of players who wrote the most abstract as well as humorous response related to the topic highlighted in the question. Later on, this system was changed to the introduction of white cards which already had answers pre-written on them.

The game was initially financed by a crowdfunding campaign named Kickstarter. Within a year, it collected 400% of original fund goal which was expected with this campaign. With this huge collection of additional capital which was raised towards the game using crowd funding, the creators added 50 more cards to the game in order to make it more interesting and fun to play.

How to play Pretend You’re Xyzzy?

The game is extremely fun to play and you can enjoy it along with your friends if you understand all the rules and norms of this game properly. Given below is the mini-manual of this game that will prove to be a perfect guide for you during the play.

  • In order to start the game, each player has to draw out ten white cards.
  • As per the rule book which comes along with the game, the person who most recently pooped (which is a random method of selection) acts as Card Czar and is supposed to play a black card face up. The Card Czar has the responsibility to read out loud the question, or the fill in the blank phrase to everyone involved in this game.
  • The other players are supposed to answer the question or fill up the phrase with whatever random answers are written on their white card. The person may hand over the aptest reply to the Card Czar.
  • Then the Card Czar has the responsibility to shuffle all the white cards he/she has received and read it out loud to everyone. The Card Czar has to read out the question or phrase every time he/she has to reveal a new answer.
  • If a particular answer is the funniest of all then that person receives an “Awesome Point” as a reward for the funniest reply of that session.
  • After the first round of this game is over, the other person has to become the Card Czar and once again the players draw out 10 white cards.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy – Cards, And Rules

When you try to explore the cards, you will see that the part of speech of the white card is generally a noun or a gerund. This element is capable of making either single word answers or meaningful short phrases to complete the blank part or answer the question written on the black card. On the other hand, the black card has a fill in the blank type of incomplete statements or a proper question. Both white and black cards tend to break these rules on rare occasions.

There is no such particular rule which makes you win the game because this is totally meant to have fun. You can continue to shuffle the cards and draw the white ones as many times as you want. The questions may get repeated and answers may vary each time. One can always have fun with their friends through this wonderful game. The rules can be framed readily and democratically amongst yourselves.

You can choose the winning card, trading point’s card, or the card which indicates a reduction in points. There is an official rule in this game that anyone with a certain amount of “Awesome Point” which was acquired from previous game plays, can claim their right to give the white card answers more than one time. This is not just for winning or having more chances, but to have an elevated level of fun with your friends.

How to get this game?

This game is certainly the most wanted and most exciting games you will ever come across. And everyone who knows about this would surely try their best to buy. In this context, we would like to inform you that Pretend You’re Xyzzy is not very difficult to grab. This game is readily available in usual stores as well as the online store in the form of phrases, questions, and answers written in the form of hard copies. Not only this, you can also get this game online and then take the print out as per your convenience and requirement.

  • You have to search about downloading this game for free on Google.
  • You will see many options or links available which have uploaded the PDF of all the texts that are to be written in white as well as black cards.
  • Find the best quality PDF for yourself and download it from a reliable source.
  • Then you must take the print out of this PDF on a hard sheet or stiff paper which does not get torn out easily.
  • Now cut all the white boxes and black boxes and store it like any other playing cards in a safe place.
  • In this way, you can take download the PDF any time and get the things done as per your own convenience and availability of services.

However, if you are ready to spend some money, then you do not have to take this much of effort. Although the price of this game is quite high, it is available through the Black Friday sale from time to time on many online shopping portals. You can also spend some extra buck and purchase the game easily.

Criticism faced by this game

A letter of complaint was written to The New York Times Magazine against this game because it was socially not acceptable. The writer Dan Brooks reflected through his writing that this is a game which stands against the masses. He said that this game is for the stupid people who think satirical statements are funny and love to giggle on offensive phrases. He also pointed out that wise and mature people are immune to the charms of this game which humiliates many people for the sake of fun.

Similarly, in mid-2014, Max Temkin had to apologize through his Tumblr account for a transphobic joke which he had written on the card. He came forward to admit that it was a cheap joke and he had eliminated that card from the pack a while ago. This is a game where the creators regularly introduce a new version of this game by introducing new cards or by eliminating the old ones. Elimination of cards usually occurs when it receives too much criticism from the public which cannot be handled. Just like the Tumblr incident where a poster of Pretend You’re Xyzzy was burning and its picture was posted, there are many such incidents which have gone unnoticed.


In the light of all the facts which were presented in the favor of as well as against this game, it would be fair enough to conclude that this is just a game. The statements or phrases printed on the cards are not universal rules and the creator is not trying to change the mentality of people by influencing them through this game. It is extremely creative and fun game which is meant to have a good time with your friends and family members after party. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to not adapt the negativity from this game and use it solely for the motive for having fun.

Hence, as final words, it would be wise if we do not get offended by those who play Pretend You’re Xyzzy and take out some time to think and appreciate the creator for their hard work. It is certainly a game which should have a must-play tag on it.